Accountants Strategy Roadmap

Why I created the Accountants Strategy Roadmap

My name is Rob Nixon, and I run Profitable Partners. I have forged a niche to be the world’s foremost authority on how Accounting firms can achieve peak performance.

Since May 1994 I have delivered over 2,150 keynotes, seminars, workshops or conferences. Over 185,000 Accountants have heard me speak in 17 countries.

I am passionate  about helping Accounting firms change lives. After 26 years of doing that I am now bringing the next instalment to the global accounting profession.

You see, I believe Accountants can change lives.

That’s why I am here for you – to help you change your life and the lives of your clients. When you run a better business it changes your life. When you make more money it changes your life. When you can help your clients run a better business (and make more money) that changes their lives too.

If you look at the world of an estimated 500M+ businesses pretty much every one of them is ‘connected’ to an accounting firm in some way shape or form.

The Accounting profession is huge at circa $500BN in revenue representing 1.3M firms globally. Sadly 87% of the revenue is ‘tax, compliance and audit’ related. That means 87% of the revenue is all about historical services – writing up history. The 13% is advisory services. This is the piece that changes lives. Not writing up an annual compliance report or performing an audit.

Do those services change lives? They don’t. They simply make companies compliant (and yes, that’s important too).

When an Accountant takes the time to analyse a client’s current financial situation (all based on the numbers) and then give them practical advice around what they need to do with their debt, cash, profit, revenue assets and wealth – well…. that’s how you change lives.

Your typical client (a business looking to succeed) wants help. They do not know what you know. Why don’t you tell them? The excuse of being too busy with compliance does not cut it.

To survive in the fast paced digital economy (led by cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and soon the Blockchain) Accountants MUST change their business model and offer services that really matter.

Accountants MUST change:

But first they must know where they stand and hence the creation of the Accountants Strategy Roadmap.

You see…

  • I believe Accountants are the number one in numbers – not a piece of software.
  • I believe Accountants can be (actually need to be) the trusted advisor.
  • I believe Accountants do not earn enough for how smart they are and the value that they add.
  • I believe Accountants should be making >$1M / €500k per partner whilst working less than 500 client hours.
  • I believe Accountants can help your clients build amazing businesses.
  • I believe Accountants should help your clients make history instead of writing it up.
  • I believe Accountants can change lives!

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